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Gold Bond Building Services Inc is the company to call for all your commercial cleaning needs. Located in Lakewood, New Jersey, our company is committed to delivering janitorial services to not only make your space sparkle, but also to reduce the spread of common illnesses.
Clean Hallway

In High Demand
Due to the steady rise of personal and public health challenges presented by antibiotic-resistant microbes, mold-related illnesses, and pandemic disease threats, it's time to find a cleaning crew to do more than the basic clean. Here, we developed a sanitation and disinfecting solution—ultraviolet disinfection.
Our Solution
UV disinfection and sanitation is a well established and proven technique that goes far beyond cleaning. In fact, it disinfects rooms and spaces, ultimately eliminating infectious germs.
According to our founder and CEO, germicidal UV light technology is very effective for controlling germ populations and has been used for many years. In fact, hospital operating rooms and clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other clean-room operations rely on it to keep the air and surfaces as clean as possible, and we have the portable equipment to get the job done

Out-of-this-World Technology
Though we specialize in UV sanitation, we go far beyond that. In fact, we use a NASA-developed air disinfection technology (photo-catalytic oxidation). This is a new pathogen destruction and area sanitizing technology featuring an EPA-approved and FDA-registered Class II medical system designed for NASA's International Space Station. It's also the very same technology that will go back to the moon to safeguard the lives of future astronauts. 
In short, the technology uses a safe, self-contained photo catalytic reactor to process incoming air in combination with UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation). According to our CEO and the product's manufacturer, KesAir Technologies of Atlanta, when used, it destroys just about any microorganism, pathogen, spore, VOC, or organic odor and produces virtually pure air.
The Equipment
Attractively designed, the equipment mounts easily to walls and ceilings, allowing for complete oxidation of organic matter drawn through its dual PCO/UVGI reactor chambers. It even removes bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, VOCs, and organic odors, leaving nothing but trace amounts of CO2 and water vapor behind.
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